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Good Feeling Products is an established and internationally positioned family-owned-and-operated company. Satisfied customers around the world use Good Feeling Products every day. These satisfied people share their experiences and a new way of life.

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We offer you the opportunity to earn an additional income by selling the highest quality products and our well thought-out career plan.

Good Feeling Products sells fair

At Good Feeling Products, we chose the path of recommendation marketing right from the start because we can offer you the best value for the money for our high-quality products.

With conventional sales channels, there are many intermediaries between the manufacturer and the end user, each of whom, of course, also takes their cut. This is added to the price the customer pays for the products. In addition, with conventional sales channels, product marketing also plays a major cost factor. Finally, in traditional sales channels, the customer mostly pays for the many intermediate steps and the advertising that must be done to sell a product.

At Good Feeling Products, things are different! With us you pay for the particularly good quality of our products and personalized service. The sale of GFP products is based on strong recommendations from person to person.

The referral marketing approach makes it possible for you to earn money with Good Feeling Products! Instead of using expensive advertising materials, Good Feeling Products rewards authentic and convinced people who recommend GFP products as a GFP consultant: a win-win for everyone!

For our environment

From the beginning, it has been a priority for us to respect nature and protect the environment. For us, “environmental protection” is not a marketing gimmick or a trend, but a responsibility that we as a company take very seriously. Thanks to our efficient sales system, we save enormous amounts of CO₂ every year, since Good Feeling Products are delivered directly to customers without any detours!

The unique Good Feeling Products system

Good Feeling Products is a premium distributor for intelligent people ready for a great future.

At Good Feeling Products, you have the opportunity to achieve personal financial independence and make money while doing something good.

As a GFP consultant, you benefit from our stable, reputable, and fair career plan. This was developed in-house by Good Feeling Products and has been successful since its development in 2008.

In your own GFP consultant account, you always have an overview of your success and that of your team.


• Step 1: Open the digital form for registration as a GFP consultant and fill it out.

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• Step 2: After registration you are automatically logged in to your GFP account. You have successfully registered as a GFP consultant.

• Step 3: You can now enjoy our premium prices and start immediately with your first order (minimum first-order value 140€ without VAT)!

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• Step 3: Your registration will be processed shortly and you can start as a GFP consultant!

Welcome! We wish you only the best for your new future as a GFP consultant!

I’m already a GFP premium customer

Being a consultant at Good Feeling Products has become a status symbol, because anyone who recommends Good Feeling Products has understood the concept and the products. They are intelligent and quality-conscious people.

Become a part of it and make your dreams come true with and through Good Feeling Products!

Good Feeling Products recommendation marketing for alternative practitioners, therapists, other healing professions, beauty professionals and fitness professionals.

More and more alternative practitioners, therapists, other health professionals, beauty professionals and fitness professionals count on the products from Good Feeling Products, apply them and recommend them to their patients/clients for daily use.

Become a GFP consultant and only recommend the best of the best to your customers!

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